My Skinny Secret

Hello lovelies, my name is Caroline.
I am diagnosed anorexic, with bulimic tendencies. I self harm, I hate myself intensely for being weak enough to let this happen. This blog is in no way pro ana or mia or any eating disorder. If you want to have an eating disorder DON'T it's your worst nightmare.

Besides starving and cutting, music is what takes the pain away for me. <3 I am a music teacher, I love and play piano and guitar. I sing to comfort myself.

HW: 148
LW: 94.3
CW: 98ish (scales are broken)
UGW: happiness

Days without cutting: 42
Days without binging:25
Days without purging:9

Always believe you ARE beautiful, because you are made in the image of God and He loves you for who you are. If only I had never doubted that. Stay strong beautiful. <3

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